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You are under attack! Blastoids have destroyed your planet and you are the only survivor. Now you must destroy the alien menace and save the galaxy!

BlasterMax is a 2d arcade shooter loosely based on arcade games like Galaga and Galaxian. It's designed to try and recreate the fun of playing early 80's coin-op  arcade games. 


The keyboard controls are:

Left arrow  = move left.  
Right arrow  = move right. 
Space =  fire.   
Esc = quit from the title screen.

The gamepad controls are:

LS =  move left or right
A = fire. 
Esc = quit from the title screen.
(please note that this is based on an Xbox controller layout)


If you have any comments, suggestions, want to report bugs, or just want to say hi, drop a comment in the box below. I'm always happy to hear from anyone who plays my games.

Install instructions

To run the game just double click the BlasterMax.exe file.


BlasterMax.zip 4 MB

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